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Treat all of your customers like celebrities


Every one of your customers deserves the red carpet treatment.

Every one of your customers deserves the red carpet treatment.

Online reviews prove more influential every day. Sites like Yelp allow consumers to hear the opinions of people just like them or from individuals they admire. When celebrities have something to say about your customer service, there is an audience more than willing to listen.

Recently, a social media critique of a business written by Emmy-nominated comedian Titus Burgess went viral, according to E! News. The company had to shut down its Yelp page to prevent scores of 1-star reviews from destroying its online brand image. The audience was quick to take Burgess’s side and voice their support.

Your company’s consumer care is often the primary topic of discussion on many online platforms. To ensure a singular experience delivered to the wrong individual doesn’t tank years of branding efforts, you must evaluate customer care center activities. Properly monitoring online platforms and care routines helps you deliver consistent quality care for every customer – no matter who they are.

“Companies should encourage consumers to leave public feedback.”

The desire for feedback
Reading the Titus Burgess story, you can see aggravation began when the company demanded the customer leave a Yelp review before delivering service. This shows the business recognized the importance of public assessments of service quality, but the organization asked for it before service, which demonstrates a lack of desire to see how consumers actually felt about care.

It’s often a best practice for companies to encourage consumers to leave public feedback, take personal satisfaction surveys or allow communications to be recorded for quality management. All of these channels are excellent sources of insight into your audience’s opinions. The key is to utilize these platforms without forcing them on consumers.

Delivering excellent care during each interaction should always be your primary goal. Sometimes it’s best to work with a third-party customer experience management expert that can analyze current procedures and find the best ways to collect data on care routines.

Using data to discover influencers
Partners that deliver customer care solutions should also find ways to analyze and quantify data. If your business does use customer satisfaction surveys, a professional partner may offer back-office services to process individual answers to questions and find common consumer trends.

These numbers might also help you discover the demographics most likely to use products and services while also showing which groups demonstrate the most dissatisfaction with the business. It doesn’t always take a celebrity to guide public opinion. OPEN Forum shared the example of regular consumer who published a story of service so shocking – and bias – it went viral due to the details alone.

Having a third-party care professional on your side allows you to delegate tasks. An expert partner can help collect and monitor data that demonstrates which issues are most important to audiences. With accurate data collected through back-office tasks, you can work on what material must be communicated in the front lines. When the public has the power to turn opinion with a single review, it’s important that you have the resources and time necessary to treat every customer with the respect they deserve.


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