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The importance of going mobile for customer service


Mobile customer service is on the rise.

Mobile customer service is on the rise.

Today’s consumers are inherently mobile. In fact, data from comScore shows mobile now represents 65 percent of digital media time, while desktop has dropped 12 percentage points since 2013, comprising just 35 percent of digital media time.

The implications of the inevitable shift away from desktop has massive implications for businesses and marketers. From online shopping experiences to advertising and customer service, mobile devices have transformed consumer and client expectations of the products and services they purchase.

Customer service has gone mobile
One very important implication of the rise of mobile is how consumer behavior impacts their expectations of customer service. Considering the majority of people spend more time on their mobile devices than they do sitting stationary at a desktop computer, it only makes sense that their interactions with companies should be instinctual to their habits.

E-commerce retail, for example, is an industry that is starting to catch on to this reality, particularly with regard to customer service. According to eMarketer, 34.5 percent of retail professionals in the U.S. who use text messages as part of their business strategy do so for the purpose of customer service. For these businesses, SMS for customer support trumps marketing and promotions at 27.6 percent.

Smartphone with icons emerging from screen. Customer service has become more mobile.

Another industry worth examining is wireless. According to research from J.D. Power,  72 percent of customers who contact their wireless carrier online use a smartphone or tablet to do so. Part of the reason is that these consumers are inherently mobile, however, contacting customer service through these devices promotes a more personalized experience, too. According to the study, in 85 percent of cases where a mobile device is used, the device is associated with the customer’s account.

Bridge the gap with mobile chat
Many businesses have a diverse roster of customer service options. However, some organizations still fail to meet the needs of the mobile customer. While implementing SMS-based support or developing a customer service app are valuable customer care solutions, these options aren’t always readily available to every business.

Another strategy worth considering is mobile chat through a brand’s website. Live chat services offer countless benefits to consumers, including timeliness, convenience and the opportunity to have questions answered while they are in the process of making a purchase. Moreover, live chat helps brands better recognize their consumers by matching a device to an individual user.

Mobile chat takes live customer support on desktop to the next level. By enabling customers to interact with support teams through their mobile devices, businesses have an opportunity to build better, more natural relationships with buyers. The reason retailers have begun to leverage text messages to interact with customers is because this channel is already natural to their behavior. Live chat through mobile results in a better customer experience overall.

In an increasingly mobile world, businesses across most industries are required to adapt to the behaviors of their customers. This means the researching, buying and service experiences each need to display important mobile elements. When it comes to customer service, incorporating mobile solutions is crucial to offering a positive experience.


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