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Information customer care should be collecting from consumers


Consumers submit data through business sing ups and social media accounts.

Consumers submit data through business sing ups and social media accounts.

In a big data world informed consumers worry about what details they share with organizations. While data records allow companies to provide personalized service and streamlined transactions, The Los Angeles Times suggested many customers get nervous when they feel a business asks for too much information.

A company can prevent this sense of unease by making sure inquiries are always directly beneficial to the consumer and organization relationship. Here is the information customer care centers should try to capture and the best ways to gather data:

Audience demographics
Businesses need to know the age, gender and income of their core audiences. Being able to segment audience by particular factors helps marketers design targeted campaigns and provides leaders with insight into product demand.

“Employees should create a record for each individual who reaches out.”

Ideally, a company has some form of customer relationship management software solutions. Upon initial contact with an organization, employees should create a record for each individual who reaches out for purchase or information. Every time consumers call, text or message the business should update the customer record. If businesses don’t constantly ask for the same data over and over, it should prove less annoying or worrying for the consumer.

This means every single employee – not just those in the customer contact center – should collect any demographic information an individual offers, and ask about basics during early conversations or online sign-ups. CRM solutions should keep all information, collected at every stage, visible.

Brand mentions
If an organization is effective at listening, it won’t have to ask so much, but this where things get tricky. As The Los Angeles Times pointed out, people are a little nervous about companies overextending, peering into their private accounts and seeing information that isn’t for public consumption. Of course, most companies aren’t doing anything unlawful, but the fear is there.

This is not necessary because consumers often gladly share data on public forums that would provide organizations with plenty of insight. When a business uses social media solutions, it can monitor Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts for brand mentions. This will give manufacturers and retailers a feel for how consumers like current products and what they want from future services. Also, organizations should recognize individuals who are social leaders and log their demographic information.

Social listening allows companies to track response to specific marketing campaigns or product launches. A program that charts responses over certain time periods makes it easy to identify certain driving factors.

Pain points
Business 2 Community said a customer service center is one of the best sources for judging a company’s success. Employees interacting directly with the public can measure the pulse of a market and the business can respond quickly to new demands when the contact center is a vital part of the infrastructure.

An important piece of data to look out for is pain points. Some feel a major responsibility of a customer care center is to respond when consumers have problems with products or services. Instead of just putting out fires, care agents should collect the details and look for reoccurring issues.

A business’s offerings should solve typical consumer pain points. When consumers need solutions to the company’s products and procedures, it should respond quickly to demonstrate its position as a solution to frustrations rather than a cause.

Innovative ideas
The incidents leading to care center engagements aren’t always negative. Sometimes people call or message to share good news or contribute ideas. Just as recurring complaints indicate problems that need fixing, when care agents log multiple suggestions for a specific improvement or initiative, it’s time for company leaders to take the request seriously.

It’s great when contact center CRM solutions integrate with the entire company’s information infrastructure. If consumer records can capture details about customer wants and ideas, users from other departments can use this information when designing their future tasks and decision-makers can consult consumers before make big alterations.


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