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Do you have an offshore or nearshore customer service strategy?

Strong relationships with customers are essential to growing a business, and consistently high-quality service is key to nurturing those connections. Many organizations are committed to providing users with friendly, expert assistance but need the resources to optimize and streamline these interactions at scale. Outsourcing contact center services can be a powerful means for advancing an organization’s goals for customer engagement.

Achieving the best results from an offshoring or nearshoring demands experienced representatives, up-to-date software tools and, above all, a strategic approach. Businesses can form better relationships and maintain them over the long term when they understand how outsourcing fits into a customer engagement strategy.

Why businesses look offshore for solutions


“Offshore contact centers can help cut operational costs and expand hours.”

Offshore contact centers can be a tremendous help in cutting operational costs and expanding available hours for customer service. With the right combination of technology and training, offshore agents can achieve exceptional outcomes, becoming a vital part how an organization communicates with the public. A flexible slate of solutions allows decision-makers to strategize effectively for reaching their long-term customer engagement goals.

For some organizations, the most effective plan might be turnkey delivery, enlisting a partner to handle all aspects of contact center operations from software infrastructure to managing a team of offshore agents. On the other hand, blending in-house operations with delivery through an outsourced facility is a way to bring about savings on expenses while ensuring cases can be readily escalated. Meanwhile, offshore representatives can offer advantages like effective communication with callers in multiple languages.

Optimizing processes with nearshore operations


In recent years, companies have increasingly embraced nearshore customer service as an alternative or supplement to offshore operations. A geographically closer contact center facility can offer major advantages for maintaining top-quality service that’s thoroughly aligned with an organization’s larger goals. Selecting the right nearshore outsourcing partner could make all the difference in affordably offering consistent, proactive support through multiple channels at hours that are convenient for your customers.

Knoah Solutions connects organizations with the technology, personnel and operations they need to answer questions and solve problems for their customers, whether deployed from onshore, offshore or nearshore locations. To find out more about how a strategic approach to nearshore customer service can help your business, take part in the Knoah webinar, “5 Reasons Why Skilled Buyers Choose Honduras,” on Feb. 14, 2018.

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