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3 steps to better digital engagement for consumer electronics makers


Digital engagement is a necessity for connecting with today's customers.

Digital engagement is a necessity for connecting with today’s customers.

Consumer electronics manufacturers work hard to deliver customers exciting products and experiences. Providing expert, fast and easily accessible customer service is an essential part of optimizing that connection. Unfortunately, many businesses in the consumer electronics space leave customers waiting.

Today, building long-term relationships with happy, loyal users takes a customer service strategy that meets their needs through the channels they prefer. By taking steps to improve online customer service, a consumer electronics firm positions itself to maintain its current customer base and continue to grow. Here are three steps that can make the difference in your approach to digital engagement.

1. Choose the right platforms and tools

“Users expect instant connections and easy transfer of data.”

Communicating with customers in the most convenient and effective ways available is the beginning of strengthening those relationships. In the world of consumer electronics, users expect instant connections and easy transfer of data and information. That means they shouldn’t have to wait on the phone when they have a question or problem to address.

A digital engagement strategy should be geared toward finding the best ways to provide customers with precisely the response they need as quickly as possible. Email is an important piece of that puzzle, allowing customers to submit extended inquiries. However, paying attention to the inbox is not enough for cases where users want an immediate answer.

Having a chat platform in place can be a tremendous help in those situations. Customers dealing with technical challenges can get a quick explanation without picking up the phone or instantly submit images to illustrate their problem. Tailoring contact options to meet the specific needs of users with easy-to-use platforms provides a smoother, more satisfying experience.

2. Monitor the conversation

Social media is an increasingly essential part of how companies and consumers interact. As PricewaterhouseCoopers noted, sometimes the most important thing a business can do through this channel is not promoting its latest product or special deal. Instead, consumer electronics makers should be paying attention to what their customers have to say.

Keeping close tabs on the social media conversation about your company reveals a lot about what users like about your products and service, and also what still needs work. These discussions also provide openings to deepen relationships with happy customers and address the concerns of dissatisfied one. If retaining customers and finding new ones are priorities for your organization, then paying attention to these discussions and proactively responding is a wise strategy.

3. Analyze the data

Anticipating and meeting customers’ needs requires powerful insights into their interactions with the organization’s online presence and customer service representatives. Deloitte University Press explained that tracking user behaviors and other analytics information is vital to cultivating any effective plan for digital engagement. Coupling this kind of information with directly gathering responses through customer satisfaction surveys gives businesses a more thorough understanding of the impression they’re making and allows for further growth.

A smart digital engagement strategy draws on carefully selected technology, highly trained personnel and analytical insight to exceed customer expectations. Consumer electronics firms work with Knoah Solutions to take control of those resources and get closer to the people using their products.


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