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3 reasons consumer electronics need multichannel support


Multichannel customer support and consumer electronics go hand in hand.

Multichannel customer support and consumer electronics go hand in hand.

In a world driven by consumers who use multiple devices and channels throughout their shopper journeys, multichannel experiences are the name of the game. Not only do consumers expect to be able to shop seamlessly across platforms, they depend on brands to mimic this experience when it comes to customer support, too. In fact, a study by Aberdeen found top-performing retailers are 30 percent more likely to optimize their customer care process for omnichannel simplicity and the needs of consumers.

Of course, every industry is unique. For instance, a boutique retail shop will have much different multichannel needs than a business-to-business software company. However, the reality is that all industries must work toward multichannel customer support. One industry that has a particularly strong need for this level of service is consumer electronics. Here are three reasons why:

1. Lengthened shopper journeys
When it comes to consumer electronics, the shopper journey is much different than in other industries. As Samsung pointed out, today’s consumers shop more often than they buy, especially when it comes to pricier electronics. Before committing to a particular device, consumers conduct online research, look at items in-store and check reviews online. This in mind, a robust multichannel customer support program that assists shoppers in their decision process across every touch point has the potential to tremendously impact a business’s bottom line.

Woman shopping for consumer electronics. When it comes to consumer electronics, the buying process can be lengthy.

2. Technical nature of products
An effective, seamless multichannel customer support program is essential, especially as consumer electronics become more complex. As manufacturers add more features to their products to meet broadening customer needs, their functionality becomes more advanced, and the need for excellent customer service increases. Additionally, Euromonitor International wrote that many electronics devices require advice or installation even after a purchase is made. Due to the technical nature of consumer electronics products, it makes sense to implement an effective multichannel customer support program that ensures customers are able to make the most of their devices and get support whenever they need it and on whatever platform they prefer.

3. Discrepancy between retailers and manufacturers 
Consumer electronics present another unique challenge, which is that the retailer and the manufacturer often do not operate in synch with each other. For example, Knoah worked with a consumer electronics company whose customers were directed to the company helpline for support, rather than the retailer where they purchased the products. This lead to miscommunication, lack of necessary expertise in the call centers and an unmanageable call volume. Knoah helped the client create a multichannel customer support program that streamlined call distribution and implemented customer relationship management processes that more effectively tracked customer interactions.

Consumer electronics present a unique set of challenges in the multichannel world. Not only do customers expect to have flawless experiences with their devices, they demand seamlessness before, during and after the buying process. Companies must be equipped with an effective multichannel customer support program to ensure their customers’ experiences with their products are positive from start to finish.


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