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Your company shouldn’t overlook these 3 call center mistakes


Don't let missed mistakes frustrate your employees.

Don’t let missed mistakes frustrate your employees.

There are some obvious bad habits to avoid in customer service. When consumers call in with a question or complaint, they want a quick resolution delivered by the first person they contact. They don’t want to wait on hold forever, they don’t want to be transferred numerous times and most people prefer talking to a human being instead of a machine.

Many customer care centers implement software solutions to ensure employees have access to all the information they need for success. Customer profiles offer care agents a complete history of interactions with a business, and an integrated data system allows employees to report on multiple aspects of the company and answer any question they receive.

When employing software strategies, however, companies should keep the following tips in mind:

1. Don’t operate in a bubble
An integrated system means the call center solutions are plugged into the rest of the company. They can see when orders shipped, who was responsible for sales calls or any other important details. The company, however, also has to concern itself with call center operations.

Forbes suggested the CEO of a company rarely oversees call center operations, but support should be one of a business’s top priorities. It’s more cost-efficient to keep an old customer than attract a new one, and public social media support is great for marketing. Every company employee should submit relevant information to the care center, if the sales team has lunch with a client, he or she should update the system with what they talked about.

“Social media solutions are great options for continued contact.”

2. Don’t end the service after the phone call
A call center employee can do a fantastic job calming a disgruntled client or providing detailed answers to a difficult question, but they still have work to do after the call is done.

Salesforce advised taking stock of what was discussed during the call and deciding which issues need follow-up. You can also ask customers if there are matters they would like to receive updates on in the future.

Social media solutions are great options for continued contact. Customer care software should provide a list of follow-up possibilities, and then employees can inform customers of the ability to be texted or messaged as the company handles their issue.

3. Don’t let ‘fine’ be good enough
All Business said some customer service employees are afraid to go against established policies. No matter the unique circumstance of a customer’s complaint, care agents have a bad habit of sticking by rote answers. Many call centers have allowed for flexible solutions for difficult problems.

Customer service management needs to emphasize the ability to change to meet customer needs. Sometimes companies implement software procedures to resolve certain problems or fix processes, but then companies settle into routine use without any attempt to improve service. If software is operating adequately, managers are hesitant to rock the boat.

To offer truly superior service, you want to change as consumers do. Younger audiences have different needs and new technology provides new solutions. You can bring in outside companies to audit your current performance. Modern third-party customer management providers can analyze new technology use to see if employees utilize every relevant feature instead of just working with the basics.


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