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Use the holidays to celebrate your employees


Office parties can bring the entire company together.

Office parties can bring the entire company together.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday designed to share gratitude with appreciated individuals. Christmas or winter breaks can be preceded by end of the year awards banquets.

There are numerous holidays that allow customer care center management to recognize the men and women who provide the valuable service of satisfying consumer demands and communicating brand values – you can even do it out of the blue. Events and activities can boost morale, build teamwork, show thanks and create a unified company culture. Here are some ideas for how to get the most out of any occasion you use for employee appreciation:

Pick a theme
Many holidays revolve around a central theme. If you want to show gratitude during a certain season, you can use the images and ideas to create social gatherings, special days or lunch events. Demand media explained common themes for work events include opportunities to come to work in a crazy outfit or hold parties and dinners around amusing ideas. Employees can have some fun at the office and decompress with their co-workers.

Original themes allow offices to celebrate together in creative ways. Outfits, decorations and games that all stem from a unique central idea, provides managers with a chance to see how employees take suggestions and run with them.

Invite the company
Whatever customer care center managers plan for employee appreciation celebrations should extend throughout the entire company. Lunch activities could include members of different departments. Activities like scavenger hunts should include the entire office.

Customer Service Insight said public holidays and celebrations can provide an opportunity for the company to show appreciation for front-line representatives and for the care center to thank the entire business for its contribution to consumer satisfaction. Events that provide chances for mutual expressions of gratitude make special activities a joy for everyone in the business.

“Managers should provide employees with a platform to share their best experiences.”

Share stories
Customer care agents interact with many consumers every day, throughout their career they collect more than one amusing or inspiring story of consumer engagement. Managers should provide employees with a platform to share their best experiences on special occasions. Offices can encourage creativity. Employees could tell stories through pictures, poems, videos or songs.

Managers might want to make it a contest complete with prizes. Business 2 Community advised executives to judge customer engagement story contests so business leaders can hear about daily operations first hand and show staff that upper management is interested in care center activities.

Holidays and special events can be full of competitions and games. Competitive activities are fun ways to encourage teamwork and reinforce best practices. For example, managers can host a game show based around company literature or teams can compete to accomplish tasks by working together. Businesses may want to turn offices into obstacle courses or take the games outside.

Competitive activities don’t have to be huge events. If managers want simpler options, they can provide workers with puzzles or challenges they can perform at their desk. Writing competitions, crossword puzzles and other mind games could create a fun and collaborative work environment. You don’t have to save small, stimulating mental exercises for special events: they could become part of weekly routines.

Say thank you
There are many ways to say thank you. The Customer Service Week website said managers should show their gratitude formally or informally. Outside of fun events and gifts, companies can send written thank you cards, certificates of appreciation or handwritten letters expressing how important employees are to the business. Thank yous should be a regular part of business practices but special events inspire managers to rise above traditional options.

A company can throw an award show on a date that is special to the organization. Employees may receive formal thank yous in front of coworkers. Awards may show acknowledgment of serious accomplishments and contributions or of personality traits like friendliest greeting.

Companies may use small presents to show gratitude. A gift may be a free meal or company outing, but it’s not a bad idea to give the employees something they can hold onto. Managers should give workers something they can keep on their desk during annual events. This way employees can look at gifts throughout the year to remember how appreciated they are.


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