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Travel Industry must prepare for seasonal consumer feedback


When lines are short, companies should spend time preparing for the rush.

When lines are short, companies should spend time preparing for the rush.

Every industry experiences highs and lows. While periods of high demand may seem to come out of nowhere for certain businesses, travel companies should expect an increased number of calls around major holidays and the summer months.

This increase in business should prompt traffic growth in a customer care center. When an industry recognizes the periods where call rates and online messages will be in greatest supply, it can better prepare its customer relationship management processes by studying past experiences and integrated data from information sources.

Preparing for long lines
Travel usually picks up in May. As more people frequent vacation resorts and transportation services, problems with the organization will become apparent as consumer participation increases.

“Problems will become apparent as consumer participation increases.”

For example, USA Today reported complaints against airlines were down in March 2016 after several months of increasing criticisms. The airline industry seemed to finally be getting a handle on the security line problem that had been delaying passengers. Unfortunately, The Chicago O’Hare Airport ran into severe problems in early May 2016, which led to consumers missing flights and taking their complaints to online mediums and consumer advocacy organizations, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Chicago airports are responding to the backed up lines by adding more personnel at security stations to speed up traditional processes. While this solution will hopefully help travelers reach their destination, O’Hare must deal with the negative public relations and communication problems already created.

Having solutions ready
The travel industry often deals with people in a hurry. Agitation is not uncommon when customer care agents must deliver bad news, but if representatives are ready with answers and empathy, they can improve the brand image and inspire loyalty. The Return Customer Blog said customer complaints are an opportunity to show commitment to satisfaction and let consumers know a business delivers quality care in any situation.

When a travel company is in a slow period, its the perfect chance to perform customer care center analysis. Businesses must be sure their service solutions are ready to quickly and effectively respond to travelers as they make contact on all popular channels. Frustrated customers will want immediate answers, so it’s important to prepare speedy care center solutions before demand begins to flood in.

With the right analytic systems a travel company should be able to identify problems before they reach consumers. When consumers do have a question or comment, the right platform can turn any feedback into data ready to deal with future customers.


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