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International audiences want social media options for customer service

  Customer care centers must be ready for social media messages from global consumers. (more…)

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5 mistakes businesses make with live chat

  Annoying website chat boxes can turn away consumers. (more…)

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4 best practices to empower customer care agents

  Trusting employees usually leads to contentment and investment. (more…)

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4 tricks to create a real relationship with your customers

  Keeping customers happy allows businesses to stand out in a crowded marketplace. (more…)

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Customer care centers can’t LOL at text messaging

  Consumers like to talk to businesses through text when they need fast results. (more…)

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Social media innovations may help brands learn more about consumers

  Companies that listen to Facebook conversations may get a new tool for understanding consumers. (more…)

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Time to rethink “the customer is always right”

  Customer care center employees need to have the power to recognize when consumer makes a mistake. (more…)

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Best practices for customer service phrasing

  Customer care agents must use polite and professional phrases. (more…)

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3 types of social media customer advocacy

  Get your customers talking about your service on social media. (more…)

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Think like a robot, provide service like a human

  Robots can't display empathy the way a person can. (more…)

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