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4 tips for customer service coaches

  Customer contact center coaching relies on a mutual relationship. (more…)

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Monitor consumer clay tablets: Customer service throughout history

  One young store clerk walked miles to return pennies to a customer. (more…)

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It’s a problem when customers don’t complain

  Angry customers don't always show a company their faces. (more…)

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Brands cooperate on social media…and fight over cookies

  One brand used social media to ask another company for a breakfast assist. (more…)

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Show appreciation for your customers this Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving cards are a chance to make contact with consumers. (more…)

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No bad apples: The relationships behind poor employee performance

  Constructive criticism shouldn't kill employee enthusiasm. (more…)

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Use the holidays to celebrate your employees

  Office parties can bring the entire company together. (more…)

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5 ways to keep holiday shoppers jolly

  Is your business ready for holiday shopper questions? (more…)

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5 big warning signs you need a customer service solution

  A lack of return customers and high employee turnover are signs you shouldn't ignore. (more…)

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5 tips for building consumer confidence in your brand

  There are many tactics care centers can use to build consumer confidence. (more…)

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