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Customer Care

The importance of going mobile for customer service

  Mobile customer service is on the rise. (more…)

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3 steps to better digital engagement for consumer electronics makers

Digital engagement is a necessity for connecting with today’s customers.

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A social media voice: How agents can speak for the brand on public channels

  Positive customer experiences on social media get people talking about a brand. (more…)

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How does my smartphone sync with my smart home?

  A mobile device gives you control over a smart home, even when you're not there. (more…)

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3 qualities of a strategic call center

  A strategic call center can make a major difference in the customer experience. (more…)

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Intelligent hospitality care solutions: From robots to mobile messaging

  Guests shouldn't be greeted by an empty hotel desk. (more…)

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3 reasons consumer electronics need multichannel support

  Multichannel customer support and consumer electronics go hand in hand. (more…)

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Information customer care should be collecting from consumers

  Consumers submit data through business sing ups and social media accounts. (more…)

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New support solutions needed as tech become ubiquitous

  More electronic products call for more support solutions. (more…)

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Are Retailers Ready To Go Mobile For Back-To-School Shopping?

  As kids go back to school, they're going to need a variety of products. (more…)

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