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Customer Care

5 big warning signs you need a customer service solution

  A lack of return customers and high employee turnover are signs you shouldn't ignore. (more…)

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5 mistakes businesses make with live chat

  Annoying website chat boxes can turn away consumers. (more…)

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4 best practices to empower customer care agents

  Trusting employees usually leads to contentment and investment. (more…)

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4 tricks to create a real relationship with your customers

  Keeping customers happy allows businesses to stand out in a crowded marketplace. (more…)

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5 ways contact centers can get to know their products

  There's more to products than what's written in the manual. (more…)

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Social media innovations for customer service in 2016

  A new partnership will add features to Twitter's customer service capabilities. (more…)

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Customer care centers can’t LOL at text messaging

  Consumers like to talk to businesses through text when they need fast results. (more…)

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Replacing flights and ninjas: Care agent knowledge of products and services

  Toy companies need to care about products as much as children do. (more…)

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Be the convenient care option for millennial customers

  Millennial customers don't want products and services that require extra work. (more…)

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Social media innovations may help brands learn more about consumers

  Companies that listen to Facebook conversations may get a new tool for understanding consumers. (more…)

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