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Social media innovations for customer service in 2016


A new partnership will add features to Twitter's customer service capabilities.

A new partnership will add features to Twitter’s customer service capabilities.

Making sure your customer contact center is up to date with all of the benefits popular communication channels provide is an excellent New Year’s resolution. However, it can be tough to stay on top of technology potential when major platforms like Facebook and Twitter constantly update their features.

The good news is the changes usually benefit businesses as the social media organizations recognize their services’ potential for customer support and communication. Here are some updates to keep in mind when planning consumer care in 2016:

Facebook provides more information on customer messaging
Recently, Facebook restructured its brand messaging service to provide consumers and companies with more information. Forbes detailed how the new updates work to the advantage of both parties and what businesses can expect in the near future.

For example, a little while ago, Facebook began ranking brands based on their response time to customer messages. More recently, the social media page changed this feature so companies can dictate what consumers can see. A business can tell customers how long they should expect to wait after making initial contact with the brand page.

“Companies can dictate what consumers see.”

Other innovative features allow businesses to add information or categorical tags to consumer messages for their records or to sort contacts. In 2016, companies should have to the power to track historical interactions with specific customers to learn best practices for care and provide specialized service.

If a company uses Facebook in its social media center, it may be time to reevaluate daily practices to take advantage of the convenience and data provided by new features.

Twitter steps up its support game
Odds are, if a company prioritizes social media as a support channel, it heavily focuses on Facebook but it may ignore other popular sites. CRM magazine said while many organizations recognize social media as a viable source for customer service, Twitter reports indicate 60 percent of customer service contacts made through its platform went unaddressed in 2015.

Some businesses feel Twitter does not offer the convenient support functionality of other social channels. TechCrunch recently reported on new Twitter features that will make the platform a major player in customer service. The social media company announced plans to partner with a chat app called Lookup to improve communication between consumers and companies.

Using the new features, customers can search business information for specific details like operational hours and available inventory. Modern consumers prefer when business data is convenient and they don’t have to jump through hoops to learn what they need.

This Twitter update will give users the answers they want without the need to contact a company representative. If social media centers want to share data to help facilitate self-service, Twitter’s partnership with Lookup is exactly what they need in 2016.

Social media may become a major sales channel
In 2015, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels began providing online shoppers with the ability to buy products and services directly through their favorite new media pages. This means that some channels offer buy now buttons or link payment options directly through marketing.

As businesses add new sales channels, customer care center employees need access to the data that supports each platform consumers use to do business with the company. For example, inventory available for ecommerce customers may be different than stock set aside for physical stores. Any important details should be displayed in a customer care center software solution that integrates information from all relevant departments.

When a customer makes contact after buying a product off Facebook, the care agent needs to know what the social page promised and how the company provided service through the innovative platform. Each service channel should offer a consistent level of support and exceptional care.


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