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Smiles, thank you cards and flat tires: Business as usual that went viral


A flat tire is a customer service opportunity for one mobile pharmacy.

A flat tire is a customer service opportunity for one mobile pharmacy.

Social media has become an important part of modern customer service solutions. People reach out to companies on Facebook and Twitter and they love to share a great support story with their friends, family and strangers.

Companies may think they have to do something really dramatic to get customers to advocate for them online, but they’d be surprised how far simple kindness can take them. Here are three stories that demonstrate consistent excellent service is enough to catch the Internet’s attention:

A friendly hello > Long lines
The last thing a hungry customer wants to see is a substantial wait. Recently, a Grovetown, Georgia resident approached her local Little Caesars pizza restaurant and saw a line coming out the door, NBC affiliate WAGT 26 reported.

“The last thing a hungry customer wants to see is a substantial wait.”

While this is normally a recipe for frustration, the woman, Kasserra, was too charmed by the man working behind the counter to be anything but pleased by the experience. Conquista Benning, who goes by the nickname Q, greeted every person with a smile and a pleasant interaction. Kasserra was so impressed she took a picture of Q and described his excellent customer service on Facebook. Her post received almost 50,000 likes and was shared more than 7,000 times across the country.

Q received numerous calls and messages from company managers. At first he thought he had done something wrong, but he soon learned of Kasserra’s praise. He was delighted but surprised. Q said he was just doing his job and treating customers with the respect they deserved.

Hallmark service
Reddit is an online media site where users can share images, videos and personal stories. The Fox Business Small Business Center described how one day a page on the website asked people to submit their best customer service stories. There were plenty of examples of businesses going to extreme lengths during unusual situations, but one of the most popular responses was a photo of a thank you card.

Jimmy Shukys of Jimyz Automotive in Streetsboro, Ohio, makes it a habit to send a handwritten thank you card to every customer who uses his service. A Reddit user shared an image of the card and other viewers who lived in the area instantly recognized the handwriting.

Numerous people came forward online saying they used the service or would love to do so in the future. The story was shared on Yahoo Small Business, Entrepreneur and the Customer Experience blog. Shukys shows his gratitude to every customer. The second a customer publicly reciprocated the kindness; the business became an online sensation.

Pharmacy cures that broken down feeling
Sometimes a company performs a service that goes outside their usual jurisdiction. A clothing retail store may offer its customers snacks or a grocery store may provide umbrellas on rainy days. CVS pharmacy has gone above and beyond since 1978.

Along with pharmaceuticals, beauty products and foods, CVS locations in Chicago, Charlotte, North Carolina, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Boston, Detroit, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Washington, D.C. provide consumers with free emergency roadside service. said the CVS Samaritan van patrols the highways of these areas looking for drivers who need help. The vehicles come equipped with auto tools and medical supplies. They are driven by professionals trained in emergency service.

A woman wrote to the Consumerist blog to describe her experience with a CVS Samaritan van. She blew a tire on a busy highway and within five minutes the service arrived to her aid. There are many stories like this floating around online. This CVS service isn’t a onetime grab for attention, it’s extra effort that’s been around for more than 35 years. CVS encourages customers to share their interactions online, and most of them are glad to participate.


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