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Show appreciation for your customers this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving cards are a chance to make contact with consumers.

Thanksgiving cards are a chance to make contact with consumers.

Every company realizes its business needs customers to succeed, but not every organization goes through the effort of showing consumers appreciation. As Thanksgiving approaches it’s a great time to try some strategies for supplying clients with the gratitude they deserve.

Thank yous can be difficult. In order to send a message of appreciation that resonates with consumers, businesses must know precisely what they wish to communicate and the best practices for showing gratitude.

Channel specific thank yous
How a business communicates with consumers could dictate the best way to express gratitude. Brick-and-mortar stores, business social media channels and customer call centers should all have strategies for how to express sincere emotions to clients.

“Companies should always go the extra mile no matter the channel utilized.”

If company representatives speak to customers in-person then they need to make eye contact and accompany thank yous with warm smiles. Employees talking to clients on the phone need to express the same form of connection using only their voice. Call centers should have accessible lists of words and phrases that prove effective in expressing sincerity. Social media solutions provide opportunities to communicate gratitude in writing and through unique online features like liking and sharing.

Companies should always go the extra mile no matter the channel utilized. For example, if an organization is in written correspondence with customers, Business Know-How advised against sending simple cards with signatures. If companies deliver physical correspondence, it should feature written notes.

Gratitude for every activity
Clients do more than just buy the products and services a company offers. Consumer feedback provides valuable insight into market trends and satisfied customers can promote business practices to friends and family. Organizations should show appreciation for every activity that benefits overall success.

Customer care center agents should end every interaction with a thank you for reaching out. Many consumers are apprehensive about talking to businesses. Showing appreciation encourages clients to share insight. Customer Think said businesses should even express gratitude for negative comments. Consumers who voice complaints are better than dissatisfied customers who stay silent. Knowing is always preferable to being kept out of the loop on client opinions, so consumer contact centers should acknowledge and thank all customers who speak up.

Its best to answer complaints as fast as possible, especially if consumers make criticisms publicly. Quick responses show the company listens and stops negative comments from spiraling out of control. If customer contact centers don’t have the resources available to keep up with activities across multiple channels, it may be time to reorganize or outsource back office services.

Customer preferences
Thank yous should be designed around channel, circumstances and specific consumer preferences. Entrepreneur said messages of gratitude should always be as personal as possible. Consumer care centers need to create records on customers who make contact. Employees should collect client data in centralized software solutions so every employee can speak to customers while referencing a complete history of activities and preferences.

When new consumers make contact, data records could demonstrate how similar customers may respond to business outreach. Organizations should create informed strategies for expressing gratitude based on different audience demographics.


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