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Replacing flights and ninjas: Care agent knowledge of products and services


Toy companies need to care about products as much as children do.

Toy companies need to care about products as much as children do.

When consumers contact businesses’ customer care centers, they hope to connect with someone who can solve their issues and answer their questions. This means care agents need complete insight into product and service features and performance.

Sometimes care agents don’t only understand how the products and services work, but they know consumer needs better than the customers themselves. Here are three inspiring stories about employees who used their knowledge of business offerings to provide exceptional care:

A digital assistant keeps an eye on flight times
It’s important care agents have product and service details, but they also need data on the history of customer use. If employees want to provide consumers with relevant advice they need insight into how each person can best utilize business services.

The Soles of My Traveling Shoes blog detailed how a customer would have missed a flight had it not been for a helpful airline care agent. The passenger signed up with the company’s digital assistant to receive travel alerts. An employee not only communicated departure times through text messages but warned the customer when they would miss a connection.

A flight left 15 minutes after the passenger got off her previous flight. The care agent realized the traveler wouldn’t have time so the employee made contact, found a different flight and arranged for overnight lodgings. The agent headed off a problem before it existed by anticipating service needs and walking a mile in the consumer’s traveling shoes.

Radioing for help
It can be very difficult for a care agent to say, “I don’t know,” but the phrase is not as damaging to a brand as “I can’t help you.” The Consumerist shared a story that demonstrated a lack of information can be overcome by commitment to finding answers a customer needs.

A consumer contacted an electronics store hoping to buy some walkie-talkies. The customer didn’t have the necessary information about Federal Communications Commission licenses and hoped customer service could fill him in. When the consumer first called, the employee didn’t have the answers but the call center employee instantly jumped online to find the right information while the customer was still on the phone and they discovered the answer together.

When care agents get new questions they should record the details in a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Tracking engagements helps businesses know which data is necessary for future engagements.

Respecting a boy’s need for a ninja
Sometimes a purchase is more than just a transaction to a consumer. The products created by a brand can mean a great deal to certain people. Customer service employees that acknowledge this importance can create support interactions consumers will never forget.

Forbes explained how a young boy once lost one of his Lego brand Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider figures in a grocery store. He wrote the company apologizing for his mistake and asking for a new one; promising to never lose it again. The care agent not only sent him a replacement, but accompanied the toy with a letter acknowledging the boy’s commitment to looking after his belongings.

“You must always protect your Ninjago mini figures like the dragons protect the Weapons of Spinjitzu!” The Lego employee wrote in the letter.

The message used terms and characters from the popular toy line to speak to the consumer in a way he would appreciate. Clearly, the author knew a lot about the product storyline and which names kids would recognize. The employee’s letter went viral and won the business plenty of positive public relations. More importantly, the company reinforced the customer’s appreciation of the product and love of the brand’s characters.


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