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Predicting the unpredictable with travel consumers


Travelers often have unique care requests.

Travelers often have unique care requests.

People planning vacations often try to get all of their information and plans together before they begin their trip. If everything is arranged beforehand, they can spend their travels enjoying their vacation or focusing on business projects. To do this, they contact organizations and make their requests for service and information early.

Companies have to prepare public channels for curious consumers. It’s important to provide fast and convenient answers so travelers know they can trust the business to provide simplicity throughout their trip. Organizations in the travel industry can offer speed through automation and personal care through human agents ready to respond to all requests – no matter what they are.

Providing self-service solutions
Most modern consumers want information before they make purchases, and they’re willing to find it themselves. A Deloitte survey of the travel industry found 80 percent of consumers research airlines and hotels online before they make final decisions. These individuals seek information through business websites, competitor offers and online reviews.

“Modern consumers want information before they make purchases.”

When online channels don’t operate properly, businesses may lose the interest of information-hungry consumers. The Deloitte research discovered half of travel bookings are made through online platforms. The problem is 81 percent of travel packages are abandoned mid-purchase, as opposed to 68 percent average of other industries.

To meet the demands of online shoppers, travel companies should offer customer care solutions like web chat to facilitate purchases and research sessions. Automated customer relationship management solutions can provide instant greetings and capture data from interactions to spot trends and avoid consumer frustrations.

When human agents are necessary
Automated messages and software that helps monitor channels is helpful in keeping up with the speed of the modern market. Customer relationship management solutions can simplify procedures, but they should not be the only method used to interact with online shoppers.

Human agents should use automation to assist them when communicating with consumers. Centralized software solutions can provide consistent information and brand values. At the same time, automated monitoring tools prevent representatives from missing questions.

While technology is beneficial, humans also possess skills unique to care demands. Representatives can voice empathy and deal with requests a little outside the norm. The Daily Mail shared stories of travelers who went online to ask if flight crews would serve them McDonalds or ask for special dog beds at hotels. These instances call for unique thinking not found in datasets. By handling unique situations and providing dependable service during normal interactions, the brand shows they can help all travelers in every situation.


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