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Personalizing customer support through CER


Customers want service that feels unique and personal.

Customers want service that feels unique and personal.

Every customer is different. It’s true consumers may contact a customer call center with similar questions or concerns, but each person a care agent speaks with is completely unique.

Providing personalized customer care solutions might seem difficult, but a company can find solutions using consistent metrics for results. Companies must measure each personalized engagement based on CER: How well the care agent can connect, engage and resolve.

Connect: A customer care center agent must start by connecting with the consumer who makes contact. This goes beyond a friendly greeting; the agent must recognize the customer and acknowledge the severity of the problem. Care agents must establish empathy with his or her plight.

It’s tough to pull concern out of thin air. Luckily, care agents can start the interaction with plenty of relevant information. Computer World UK said companies must make use of big data to create better customer engagements. Customer care solutions need software that stores customer history and common issues. When a customer contacts a care center, the agent can greet them with visibility of their previous relationship with the company or examples of similar customers.

“At no point should the conversation appear rote or standard.”

Engage: Employee must follow initial connection with continued engagement. As the interaction continues, care agents should ask questions to learn more and demonstrate investment in solutions. At no point should the conversation appear rote or standard.

Gallup said employees are more likely to engage with customers when they have job satisfaction. Customer care management teams must look for signs of engagement during the hiring process. They should reward optimal performance and place care agents in positions that suit their talents. Multichannel support options provide plenty of diverse care opportunities for employees. Managers must model engagement in how they interact with their staff.

Resolve: Once the employee listens to the customer and gains insight into his or her issue, they can offer a resolution to the unique concern. The solution must fit the dilemma, and the company has to provide opportunities for follow-up. Care centers should provide options for additional support and future communications. Employees should demonstrate the customer is not a routine problem looking for a solution, but a unique partner in an ongoing relationship.

Care centers should add the solution to the software; past resolutions are helpful for continued conversations or settling future interactions. A complete history of customer care engagements visible on a centralized data platform helps with future decision-making. After employing CER strategies, analytics will demonstrate the success of the new campaign. A company can contact a customer relationship management consulting partner for further insight into personalization strategies.


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