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Millennials are talking, are brands listening?


Dissatisfied millennials will likely voice concerns with brands.

Dissatisfied millennials will likely voice concerns with brands.

Growing up in a world where your words can be shared around the world in an instant encourages audiences to speak up. Millennials – and the generation coming up behind them – are used to sharing their thoughts easily and often with great approval, so they are not shy about communicating about anything that concerns them.

Blogs, social media pages and image sharing sites are all platforms new consumers use to make their opinions known, so companies must be ready to listen and respond.

Millennials speak up more
Millennial consumers expect their purchases to work. A J.D. Power and Associates report on millennial insights found the current generation of customers are much more likely to speak to a business the second there is a problem with performance or service than previous ones – especially when it comes to telecommunications.

“The current generation of customers are much more likely to speak to a business.”

The interesting thing is millenials are generally more satisfied than other generations. Across 15 industries, they scored 5 points higher than average on a satisfaction grading system. It’s just that when things do go wrong, millennials won’t suffer in silence. For example, they are 1.7 times more likely to report problems in wireless service.

This can be great news for brands. Instead of being forced to guess why consumers are unsatisfied, millennials will reach out directly to customer care centers to ask questions and report problems. The best part is millennials are much more likely to show increased customer loyalty than baby boomers after a problem is properly resolved.

If you won’t listen, somebody will
When an issue isn’t settled, millennials will continue making their voices heard. If the brand isn’t willing to listen, they’ll find someone who will. Fizzilogy, a social media research firm, reported millennials are twice as likely to share complaints online than other generations, according to Chain Store Age. This is especially important when more online consumers turn to Internet peer reviews to evaluate a brand’s honesty and commitment to satisfaction.

Millennials are on social media, but not as much as some organizations may assume. Younger generations talk about brands on Facebook and Twitter, but Generation X and baby boomers are more likely to talk directly to businesses through social platforms. Some suggest this is because young audiences have less disposable income and need fast answers for their finances, while older generations can be more casual in their brand interactions.

Other findings that might surprise companies include baby boomers generating more written social media content than other groups – usually due to longer conversations. Members of Generation X are also 75 percent more likely to talk about new products or technology news online than millennials.

A solution for every relevant channel
Businesses need to provide answers for consumers who reach out and audiences talking behind their back. A quick response to a direct question shows a customer care center’s effectiveness and dependability. Meanwhile, social media solutions that track public opinions and reviews help companies listen to customer thoughts not being shared with care agents.

The J.D. Power survey showed millennials expect brands to monitor online channels and public data to learn more about consumers. It seems younger generations don’t mind when brands listen to public comments if it means improving future interactions.


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