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How to create the customer experience through quality assurance results

Implementing changes to your business model from quality assurance results is no easy task.

Implementing changes to your business model from quality assurance results is no easy task.

Implementing changes into the workplace can be a challenge. Not everyone responds well to change, especially those who have developed habits out of the way they’ve been doing things before. You’ll probably be looking into changing the way your business conducts its customer service. But you may not know how to go about it.

After working with third-party call monitoring providers, businesses will be provided with data explaining which areas need to be improved upon, such as email responses, effectiveness of live chat use and ways to improve interactions over the phone. Here’s a list of suggestions of how you can implement quality assurance results into the customer experience:

  • Have a strategy: One of the worst ways to introduce change into an environment is to do it all at once with no consideration of how it’ll affect the overall culture. You’ll need to come up with an overall strategy on how you plan to do so.  The priority of the necessary changes and the order in which they’ll happen will all be taken into account.
  • Encourage employees to embrace change : According to Forbes, a resistance to change has been cited as one of the top five habits that restricts employees from advancing in the workplace. The same can be said for companies as a whole. It’s important for managers to explain to their staff that the changes to customer service will be affecting everyone in the company, from top to bottom, and that it’s all for a better product delivery and experience for the customer.
  • Listen for feedback: No one expects the transition to better customer service to be seamless. That’s why upper management should be aware of any difficulties that employees may be facing. The good news is that you’ve already displayed the awareness that things could be improved. Now the trick is to use that awareness and keep tabs on progress as the process continues and adjust it as need be – while still staying on track with the original game plan.
  • Repeat: The challenge of offering customers the best product possible has no permanent, one-time solution. Which is exactly why you’ll need to update your services multiple times and, with each of these instances, keep the aforementioned tips in mind.

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