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Enhancing quality assurance and the customer experience

In order for businesses to grow, they should look into quality assurance analysis to see how they can improve.

In order for businesses to grow, they should look into quality assurance analysis to see how they can improve.

Before companies can truly grow, they first need to master the concept of customer satisfaction. One of the best ways for businesses to keep tabs on this metric is through quality analysis to enhance the customer experience. The easiest way to improve what customers get from their interactions is by making sure they’re offering the best customer service possible. The goal of quality assurance is for the customer to walk away from the interaction feeling positive, which can be achieved through the use of TotalAssure QA.

Knoah Solutions’ TotalAssure QA is a third-party call monitoring solution that can assist in making sure quality assurance is up to par.

“Knoah offers coaching services to make sure businesses understand improvement opportunities.”

Monitoring quality assurance
Knoah Solutions looks at every call from multiple dimensions, such as before, during and after the interaction. With the use of metadata and other information about the customer, customers spend less time supplying information for pre-call initiators and interactive voice response technology. Instead, they get straight to the heart of the issue, according to Sudarshan Ankem, vice president of TotalAssure Quality Assurance for Knoah Solutions. Metadata also aggregates call notes and post-call customer feedback.

Businesses can use all of this information to enhance their quality assurance efforts, whether that be through adjusting their methods or offering training to improve staff performance. Companies should stay true to the philosophy of continual improvement, which Ajay Kumar, senior director of corporate quality at Knoah, cites as “the backbone of the quality framework.”

Information gathered through quality assurance analysis can also improve the following four performance areas

  • People – The staff should improve its quality of work
  • Process and policy – New information may lead to a needed change in a company’s process of operations
  • Product and service – A change in a company’s product could make all the difference in customer satisfaction
  • Technical infrastructure and tools – Given that the key to improvement is efficiency, using new tools may result in operational enhancements

Finding the root of the issue
When a business conducts a quality assurance analysis, a lot of data will be collected to measure the quality of the call, such as how many times the phone rang, how long the interaction lasted and who did most of the talking. This may be a lot of information for a business to process. That’s why Knoah has a system that offers  the “vital few” issues and prioritizes them in the order of significance.

Long-term improvements
Once a company looks into making enhancements after conducting a quality assurance analysis, it needs to know how to implement changes and keep them in place so that they can continue to improve results.

That’s why Knoah offers coaching services to help businesses understand improvement opportunities and enhance their efforts across support, product, process, policy and infrastructure departments. Knoah Solutions also takes pride in its ability to show agents the best methods for delivering the customer’s expectations.

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