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Consumer electronics businesses handle recalls of innovative products


A new product creates a demand for information.

A new product creates a demand for information.

Introducing a new product to consumers means you have to educate customers on what the item is and how to effectively use it. The Edelman public relations company said businesses have to be careful not to be manipulative when introducing something new. An organization’s position as the developer of a new product doesn’t mean they are the only available information source, and a lack of honesty could severely hurt a company when problems occur.

For example, the new hoverboard products don’t actually hover. Manufacturers and retailers often show videos of the product in use to demonstrate how it’s driven by user movements and balances thanks to sensitive stabilizing technology. Unfortunately, many companies must now also explain a problem in the device’s battery.

Fortune reported that half a million hoverboard products in the U.S. have been recalled due to safety issues. Companies who make and sell the items must be ready accept returns, share information with consumers and be available for communication.

“It’s an opportunity to demonstrate honesty and dependability.”

Being specific with information
The most recent hoverboard recall affects eight manufacturing companies and two major retailers. Products must be returned and replaced due to a problem with the battery that causes it to catch fire in certain circumstances. The recall includes items built within the last two year before new safety standards were put in place.

While this is problematic for the manufacturers and retailers, it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate honesty and dependability as an information source. Many consumers have questions about the dangers involved with hoverboards. Since a good deal of customers don’t understand the inner-workings of the electronic devices, they jump online to see if they are at risk. Companies must be ready to provide answers though popular internet channels like social media and web chat.

Providing answers 24/7
Honesty can be beneficial to companies. There are hoverboard products that have been deemed safe. Providing 24/7 customer care centers allow companies to communicate which products meet manufacturing standards when recalls dominate the news or tell consumers how they can replace their model for an updated version of an item. This helps promote safety without jeopardizing loyalty.

Since consumer electronics can be complicated devices, it’s important care agents have the exact details about the time frame, severity and technical aspects of recalls. For example, MacWorld described how a recent wall plug adapter recall only affects certain models of the product. Consumer care agents must be ready to deliver precise details about innovative products customers have only encountered recently. This ensures the brand will be seen as a valuable information source going forward.


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