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5 tips for building consumer confidence in your brand


There are many tactics care centers can use to build consumer confidence.

There are many tactics care centers can use to build consumer confidence.

Can your customers trust your business? Most organizations will say yes, but what do they do to ensure consumers feel the same way?

When it comes time to do business with a brand, most modern consumers won’t buy products or services from just anybody. Shoppers want to find companies they are confident deliver the highest quality through the most cost-efficient means. Here are five strategies customer care centers can use to demonstrate dependable service and encourage consumer trust:

1. People trust people – not businesses
When a brand looks like a collection of people instead of a faceless corporation, consumers can recognize if the individuals who make products and answer questions actually want to help.

Small Town Marketing suggested brands can communicate humanity by choosing the right words in interactions. Whether a consumer speaks to a representative in person or messages through live chat, a care center agent must use terms and phrases that demonstrate the customer talks to a person emotionally invested in a satisfactory resolution.

2. Goals beyond profit
Many organizations stress the importance of empathizing with customers who make contact, but there may also be ways to get the consumer to relate to the business. When brands have marketing or other practices built around goals for customer service or community betterment, consumers are able to trust the representative wants to achieve a result besides forcing a sale.

Customers avoid making contact with care centers when they feel it would be futile. Advertising a brand’s commitment to customers or better business solutions shows how important a care center is and how the brand prioritizes consumer feedback.

3. Don’t hide, seek feedback
The worst thing a brand can do is hide contact information. Inc. said companies shouldn’t just display phone numbers and email addresses in convenient locations, brands need to encourage feedback. Consumers must recognize brands will stand by their products and services and want to know if the consumers ever have a problem.

4. Quality no matter where they turn
One way to be trustworthy is to be dependable. Brands need to offer consistent service across every channel monitored by the care center. Not only should there be best practices in place for excellent support, employees can encourage confidence in products and services by modeling it themselves.

Every representative a customer talks to should have intrinsic knowledge of business practices and merchandise. Customer care management software can collect relevant data in a convenient source to make it available to all users.

5. Also a client noted a great way to encourage confidence in a product is to show the company’s employees use the merchandise themselves. This may mean marketing shares social media posts from employees as they enjoy the business’s products and services or call center employees having products on hand as they walk customers through use.

Companies often use social media monitoring tools to look out for brand mentions. Organizations can get the ball rolling by showing consumers what posts get noticed by sharing internal communications and care agent materials touting the effectiveness of a brand’s offerings.


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