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5 big warning signs you need a customer service solution


A lack of return customers and high employee turnover are signs you shouldn't ignore.

A lack of return customers and high employee turnover are signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Are your customers happy? It may be a tough question to answer in the affirmative without constant feedback from consumers. Dissatisfaction, however, might be a little easier to monitor. Here are five signs your customer service center might not meet your consumers’ needs:

1. You’re losing customers
One of the primary advantages of top-notch customer service is the ability to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. If you track individual buyer behaviors and find there is a serious lack of repeat patronage, the consumer isn’t getting something they want from your service. This could mean a problem with your product or the way your company interacts with customers.

Open Forum advised analyzing customer behaviors as early as possible. Marketing, sales and customer service should all integrate data solutions to monitor the consumer journey from first interaction with advertising material. If marketing content generates a lot of great leads but there is an inability to convert or keep audiences interested, a business may need to re-evaluate how it communicates one-on-one with consumers.

“It can be hard to spot exactly why employees aren’t happy.”

2. Employees aren’t sticking around either
Customers jumping ship aren’t the only indication of trouble. If you are unable to keep workers in your customer care center, it demonstrates agents don’t have the tools and information needed for success and implies your consumers receive support from disinterested representatives.

It can be hard to spot exactly why employees aren’t happy. If organizations believe they provide their staff with the necessary resources and information, Security Sales and Integration suggested it may be time to bring in a third party consultant. Businesses want to turn to outside solutions that can offer expertise on training and feedback procedures if customer care centers can’t keep frontline employees for at least two years.

3. You’re simply not prepared
Hopefully, a customer care center employee has the capability to record daily interactions in a centralized software solution. If daily logs indicate workers consistently come across problems training procedures and company practices did not prepare them for, it’s a clear sign businesses need to find new ways to gain insight into their consumer audience.

Another indicator employees aren’t ready for customer concerns is an over reliance on sending problems upward to managers. When employees don’t have the tools or data needed for first contact resolution, they become either frustrated or nervous, and neither is good for consumer engagements.

4. Nobody’s complaining
If you’re not hearing from consumers, that’s a problem. Some may feel a lack of complaints means they are doing everything right. But nobody is perfect all the time. When consumers don’t communicate at all, it means they don’t want to or don’t know how.

Customer Experience Insight said most consumers don’t reach out to companies when they feel like communication won’t get the results they want. Customers might find it difficult to find contact information and won’t make the effort to search for phone numbers and emails.

If you employ monitoring tools like software with social media solutions, you may find the information consumers won’t say to your face, but it may not be pretty.

5. You’re stretched too thin
If you’ve gone through recent staff growth, released new products or expanded in any other way, shape or form, you should expect to put more resources toward customer care centers. Customer service is a vital part of any organization. Any change to business practices should account for the increased needs of call centers and consumer monitoring software.

Managers should monitor how much time is spent on paperwork and data entry compared to actually helping customers. It’s possible the new responsibilities of a growing company calls for new back office solutions. When your organization employs hundreds of care center agents or stretches over multiple locations, you’re going to need a unified data solution.


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