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5 advantages of social media customer support


The many features social media pages provide can be used by customer care centers.

The many features social media pages provide can be used by customer care centers.

Social media is here to stay. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have gone from entertainment sources to primary means of communications for some consumers and businesses.

The popularity of social media isn’t without merit. The sites can provide a variety of features that can benefit a business. Companies that utilize social media solutions in their customer support strategies can take advantage of these five perks:

1. It’s convenient to the users
Harvard Business Review reported the average person under the age of 35 spends four hours a day on social media. When it comes time to contact a business, consumers want to use the services they are most familiar with. Company Twitter engagements grew 250 percent between 2013 and 2015.

If you provide a customer with his or her preferred option, you guarantee that person starts the service engagement in a good mood. Instead of being forced to jump through hoops to receive help, customers feel like they are in control and comfortable.

2. It comes in many flavors
People also like social media solutions because they provide customers with plenty of support options. A customer can link to other consumers using Twitter hashtags or post photos of his or her problem in public spaces.

This gives your company a chance to provide a variety of methods of support. If your company is familiar with how each social site functions, you can guide customer care engagements. For example, Social Media Examiner explained how a new Facebook feature lets companies add a button that encourages consumers to contact the customer call center.

“Social media interactions are great materials for company promotion.”

3. It takes place in public
This is the part that scares some companies. A customer who posts a public question or concern on your business’s social media page draws attention to your service. Whether the attention is good or bad is up to you.

You want to use customer relationship management technology that ensures you get alerts anytime a customer posts something on a public forum. You want to be the first response so the conversation is not sidetracked by other users. Fast, informative responses can be a great example of how your company cares about consumers.

4. It becomes marketing
If you are successful, social media interactions are great materials for company promotion. Your marketing department can plug into customer care center activities, or you could encourage customers to share positive interactions.

Each social media site has different sharing abilities. You may want to find a third-party monitoring service to offer advice on new media.

5. It encourages more customer contact
When some people think of customer support, they imagine waiting on hold for hours listening to muzak. Social interactions create actual examples of customers contacting companies and getting quick results.

Business News Daily shared the results of a Marketing Science study that found social media not only satisfies customer issues, it encourages customers to contact the company more often. Some might find this annoying, but an informed customer care center is better equipped to handle future issues. The more consumers who communicate their needs, the more the business learns about the people who use their products and services.


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