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4 tricks to create a real relationship with your customers


Keeping customers happy allows businesses to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Keeping customers happy allows businesses to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

How does your business treat its customers? Are they just a source for profits or do you really value their needs and want to see them happy? Moving from a transactional relationship to personal communications can turn your business from a vendor to an ally and keep customers coming back.

A study performed by BIA/Kelsey researchers and the Manta marketing company found repeat consumers spend a little over two-thirds more than first-time shoppers. Becoming a supplier customers can trust invites them to reach out anytime they need service or products. Here are four strategies your customer care center should use to look like a trusted partner consumers can turn to again and again:

1. Prioritize them
The primary way to show you care about your customers is to invest in them. Your brand can’t claim it prioritizes customer service if it doesn’t treat a customer care center like a vital department in the overall business infrastructure.

You shouldn’t just make a general pledge of time and resources, rather you should carefully audit your current customer service experience. It may be clear when you need to add staff members, implement a new software solution or outsource a particular back office operation, so each care agent is set up for success.

“Create metrics for consumer satisfaction and see how your service stacks up.”

2. Measure their satisfaction
The tools acquired by a customer care center should allow you to create metrics for consumer satisfaction and see how your service stacks up. This could mean charting how long it takes for a phone call to reach a happy resolution or instances of callbacks, and you may have specific goals you want to watch.

In addition to analyzing daily activities, Kissmetrics suggested you could use focus groups, surveys and emails to ask your customers how they feel. Sending requests for feedback shows your current customers you want to know if they’re satisfied and will do whatever it takes to improve the relationship.

3. Create a record and show you remember them
Besides measuring the happiness of your core consumer groups, you should find customer experience management solutions that allow you to track individual customers. People hate to repeat themselves and if you want to demonstrate commitment to individual success, you need to be personal.

You also have to communicate that you remember each customer. When someone makes contact for a second time, you should start by greeting them with their name and a quick follow-up about the past resolution. It shows you know the individual’s desires and you want to make sure each interaction improves the relationship.

4. Send business-free communications
By tracking individual customer engagements, you’ll know how long it’s been since the last time a certain shopper made contact. A complete record of business interactions can demonstrate when it’s time to reach out again.

Now, you can establish contact by sending a discount or promotion, but you might want to send a personal greeting free from commercial reasons. Entrepreneur said a handwritten note on a customer’s birthday is a great way to create a positive perception of your organization in the minds’ of your consumers.


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