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3 ways to create memorable customer service engagements


Customers only remember very positive or negative interactions with support agents.

Customers only remember very positive or negative interactions with support agents.

Modern business isn’t just about attracting consumers; it’s about making sure your customers keep coming back. When discussing brand loyalty with a friend, a Business Insider contributor discovered the companies that stood forefront in his mind were the ones offering the best products and unique services, not the ones with loyalty deals.

If a business wants to be remembered fondly, it has to provide unforgettable consumer interactions. Here are three ways customer care centers can offer service that leaves a lasting impression:

1. Start by remembering your customers
If you don’t want consumers to forget your brand, you can’t forget them. An excellent way to offer memorable customer service is to provide people with answers and suggestions unique to them. Customer service agents can use consumer management software solutions to collect information about each engagement so past details are visible every time that customer makes contact.

The Customer Think blog said people only remember positive or negative encounters with businesses, and neutral experiences get forgotten. Starting your interactions by calling the customer by name and not forcing them to repeat prior information should start things off on the positive side.

2. Be prepared to be different
The customer care center is an integral part of your overall business. Entrepreneur suggested companies should design their core principles around consumer happiness. Not only should your total organization take notes from customer engagements, but service and support activities should reflect the overall brand.

If your company is successful, then, it probably has something that sets it apart from competitors. Customer care centers can use this unique branding to create service engagements unlike anything consumers have seen before. People are more likely to remember engagements that use brand specific wording, practices and commitment to value than rote support experiences.

3. Empower employees to provide memorable care
Special treatment makes people feel unique. Your customer care center should have common solutions to issues and best practices for support, but sometimes employees may have to take things outside the box to provide a resolution.

You can give care agents the tools to take calculated risks by providing them with the data they need to make informed decisions. Complete insight into your business, products and services allow employees to communicate every possible option to consumers and possibly create some new ones. Anytime a worker makes a bold decision, they should capture the details in a centralized software solution so management can study results and see if the experience generated a memorable engagement.


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