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3 sources for customer data (besides customers)


Market fluctuations affect consumer demand.

Market fluctuations affect consumer demand.

Gaining insight into consumer preferences and dislikes allows a customer care center to provide optimal service right off the bat without suffering from missteps. The more data a company has on new or potential clients, the better informed its decisions are when designing care agent training procedures, standards for quality and service goals.

While customer relationship management software can help employees effectively capture the details of direct engagements with the people who make contact, to get a full picture of what an audience wants, businesses must explore context. Here are three other sources of information that can give brands a complete look at a consumer’s state of mind:

One of the best ways to use the data you have is to compare it to other data sets. If you want to learn more about your consumers, you should see how they are different than those who don’t use your products. For example, Fast Company said this should tell you what type of demographic can afford your product, as opposed to who wants it but doesn’t have the money available.

“Social media solutions are an effective way to measure interest.”

With this information on hand, you can make a choice of whether or not to expand your offerings or focus on what currently works. Your company may recognize price keeping interested parties away and respond by creating a more affordable version of your product. On the other hand, it may be time to re-evaluate your marketing so it speaks to the audience already interested in your product and services.

Social media solutions are an effective way to measure the interest and opinions of many types of people. Consumers not currently working with your company use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make their thoughts and questions about brands available to the public.

The market
There are external factors that affect consumer demand. Less people want luxury items when the national economy takes a downturn. Meanwhile, major weather events can cut off supply chains. These events could drastically alter expectations or wants. If a company is ready to take advantage, they could stand above competition by providing products and services that find a sudden demand.

It’s tough to be proactive when you realize projections don’t always pan out. The Harvard Business Review suggested looking at market trends from multiple angles. You could use data processes to run several possible outcomes utilizing current information and possible variables. CRM software that visualizes data sets helps you recognize how possible market swings could affect your current consumers or other audiences.

It may be smart to look at what competitors are doing. Public marketing and online educational materials may show you how other businesses respond to changing customer demand and what market events preceded the success and failure of similar organizations in your industry.

Connected products
When a customer calls or emails a care center with questions about a purchase, there’s usually a need for back and forth questions about use of the merchandise so the business representative knows exactly what’s going on. Some products these days, however, can streamline this process by telling companies exactly how customers utilized the brand’s technology.

Forrester said connected items should prove to be an important part of customer service data. There are software, entertainment and home appliance products that can capture data about use, damages and maintenance. Truly smart devices allow businesses to make repairs or perform upgrades before consumers realize they are necessary.

Convenience is a major trend in modern business relationships. Customers will often choose companies that promise to take worry and upkeep out of their hands. Businesses that capture information from products need to ensure customer care centers have access to the information or any other company data relevant to consumer satisfaction.


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