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3 must-do's for consumer care during product recalls

A recall of products that made their way into consumer hands may seem like a worst case scenario for many companies. 

Millennials are talking, are brands listening?

Growing up in a world where your words can be shared around the world in an instant encourages audiences to speak up. 

Modern customers willing to exchange data for personalization

Consumers in this day and age should recognize their interactions with a brand will be recorded and analyzed.

Luxury brands finally using the Internet for quality consumer care

Luxury websites provide new features for product information.

The utility industry must prepare for growing consumer feedback

All businesses in the utility industry should expect and prepare for increased numbers of questions, complaints and overall engagements.

3 ways to create memorable customer service engagements

Modern business isn't just about attracting consumers; it's about making sure your customers keep coming back. 

3 ways to design customer care with simplicity in mind

Brands must find ways to provide easy care solutions from the customer's perspective.

4 overlooked details when delivering exceptional customer care

When a company is completely committed to delivering the best consumer service it can, it needs to keep an eye on the nuts and bolts of its customer care center.

Creating a network of consumers

Businesses must recognize the value of each of their customers.

Oops: 4 ways care centers can respond to brand mistakes

No matter how cautious your business is, it will eventually make a mistake.

3 sources for customer data (besides customers)

Gaining insight into consumer preferences and dislikes allows a customer care center to provide optimal service right off the bat.

Prioritizing the call center in a connected world

With numerous communication options available today, customer care centers may neglect the channel that was the bedrock of the industry: the phone.

Overcoming consumer negativity bias through excellent customer service

Customer care centers must deliver engagements that are so positive they overcome assumptions.

Travel Industry must prepare for seasonal consumer feedback

Every industry experiences highs and lows.

Think like a robot, provide service like a human

Sometimes people prefer interacting with machines over other human beings.

3 types of social media customer advocacy

Get your customers talking about your service on social media.

Best practices for customer service phrasing

Whether consumers make contact with a customer care center through text, phone or email, the initial response must be quick and phrased properly for the medium.

Time to rethink "the customer is always right"

Modern customer care centers should recognize the benefits of traditional best practices and make room for exceptions and innovations.

Social media innovations may help brands learn more about consumers

If you want to know what consumers say about you in public spaces, you can track conversations on social sites. As more companies utilize social listening tools, popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram add new features for collecting audience data. 

Be the convenient care option for millennial customers

Convenience has become a major selling point.